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Crime Victim Services

Crime Victim Services

The Jackson County Victim Services Unit offers crime victims and their families support and information at every stage of the criminal justice process. Victims have rights, and the State’s Attorney’s Office is committed to ensuring that those rights are protected. The Victim Services Unit can provide information and connections to outside agencies that can assist with specific victim needs such as domestic violence shelters, rape crisis centers, senior services, police agencies, homeless shelters, legal assistance, and hospitals.

In addition, the Victim Services Unit can also help victims and witnesses by:

  • Providing updated court dates and case information
  • Offering support and advocacy during all court proceedings
  • Educating victims on court procedures and available resources
  • Arranging travel and lodging during court proceedings
  • Assisting with Illinois Attorney General’s Crime Victim’s Compensation application
  • Aiding with requests for court-ordered restitution claims
  • Completing Victim Impact Statements
  • Registering for the Automated Victim Notification System
  • Filing Orders of Protection and other Protective Orders
  • Advocating the desired outcome on violent crime cases
  • Assisting victims of qualifying criminal activity or human trafficking with U-visa and T-visa applications

In the aftermath of a violent crime, victims often experience emotional pain and trauma. Confusion and uncertainty can be frightening to victims of crime.  The Victim Services Unit aims to empower victims by providing information and support to help them through the process. The justice system is made less intimidating when victims have a voice. The Jackson County State’s Attorney’s Office is dedicated to ensuring that the needs and the rights of crime victims and witnesses are met with respect and fair treatment.

As a victim or witness of violent crime in Jackson County, you have an important role in the administration of justice.  Successful prosecution relies on witness cooperation throughout the police investigation and the criminal court process.  Victims and witnesses are often required to be present at various stages of the criminal justice process. The Jackson County State’s Attorney’s Office is committed to making your involvement in the criminal justice process as comfortable as possible.

It is important that the Jackson County State’s Attorney’s Office maintains current contact information for all victims and witnesses. Continuous communication with victims and witnesses of ongoing cases and any changes to addresses or phone numbers is essential.   If you are involved in an open case and your contact information has changed, please contact the Victim Advocate at 618-687-7201 or e-mail jessica.drake@jacksoncounty-il.gov.

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